Friday, 29 April 2011

Jewellery for a monarchist or an ironist

Tatty Devine are setting the royal wedding in perspex with a set of commemorative crown jewels, the cameo collection is a silhouette of the royal couple, made into everything you'd expect from a set of Tatty Devine jewelery, including pendents, earrings and necklaces.

If suffocating in a crowd to maybe but maybe probably not get a glimpse of our new princess and her dress (most likely by Sarah Burton) - then head down to Camden from the time the wedding starts, to beautifully eccentric Philip Normal and his Happy Shack, as Tatty Devine are opening a pop up shop within his madhouse. Check out the facebook event details for  5% off - The pop up shop is there for all of the bank holiday weekend.

Harriet & Rose, the founders of Tatty who still design every single piece they sell, were nice enough to answer a few questions about their royal collection:

What inspired you to create these crown jewels?
The Royal Wedding of course! and they also refer to a back design we made in 2005 of a kissing couple which we were hoping to bring back and the wedding was the perfect reason to update the piece.
Where are they available?
Online and in both our shops! Covent Garden & Brick Lane. Also don't forget in store pop up shop & Philip Normal's Happy Shack 
What advice would you give to the newlyweds if you could?
Stay on honeymoon as long as you can and don't forget to get your photos printed and framed to give to the in laws.
Are you royalists yourself?
No, not really but still definitely not anti-sovereign. 

Tatty Devine usually collaborate with artisans and musicians from Gilbert & Georga and Mark Pawson to Peaches and Robots in Disguise. You could now collaborate with the designers yourself and have a one off piece of jewelery based on your silhouette, just pop into their Covent Garden store from the day after the wedding (30th) until the 2nd of May, have your photo taken - and facebook will decide the best silhouette, the one with the most 'likes' will be perspexed into history.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


I really didn't want to have any reguritation on this blog, but i just read an article over at dazeddigital about a song called 'Loveless' by DAVID MOORE AND THE OARS and had to re-post something about it.

The artist described the song as a representation of "pining for a loved one but realising that maybe you're in love with a ghost, or an idea of something long gone." A quote relating to a mindset which everyone suffers, two close friends are at the moment finding it difficuilt to find any piece of mind because of lost love.

I couldn't think of anything more relevant to those friends than this, simplistic yet epic and obviously heartfilled song. listen -

Monday, 18 April 2011


This photo was taken from, as my phone died on the day and left me camera-less.

HOUSE OF ORGANZA returns for their third season with 'Muse' where a team of hand picked creatives have made bespoke pieces, inspired by a poem recorded by fashion figure, My Roy, where he recites his own vision of the colour blue. His vocal response to his favorite hue of blue was itself inspired by Yves Klein and his concentration on the colour since his 'Proposte Monochrome, Epoca Blu' exhibition.

I was unaware about the HOG collective until i was working Ella Dror PR's press day where the collection debuted last week, initially confused more by Roy's poem which was playing on loop through blue headphones to the left of the set.

The projects curators are stylist Kim Howells and designer Lyall Hakaraia who bring together the talent, personality and inspiration of different disciplines to focus on interpreting one vision which could either result in something beautiful or disastrous but either way, exciting. Last season HOG produced a mythical looking gold collection inspired by the folklore surrounding Elizabeth I.

From left to right on the picture above, of this seasons collection, is Fred Butler's extravagant ruffles, Lyall Harkaraia's harness, Piers Atkinson (whom my interview with is on my last post)'s headpiece and Dr Noki's hood. The pieces come together and look suitably like performance art which Yves Klein was a pioneer of. 

A fashion film and exhibition is coming in Summer where My Roy will be modelling the clothes but until then the went live last week, here you can view a complete guide to HOG, its past collections and news.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Interview with Piers Atkinson


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Interview/Profiling with Lu Flux

Lu Flux’s Sea and Be Seen collection for AW11 plunges into the alluring mysteries of the deep blue sea. The brands distinctiveness is present in the form of great British craftsmanship and trademark wide shapes. She describes the colour palette as paying credit to the murky depths of the sea and, “embroidery referencing the bioluminescent creatures who make their own light to attract mates and dissuade predators, in an underwater world teeming beauty, colour and hidden dangers.”

Lu Flux is of a calm nature and talks with a thoughtful demeanour. Set apart from fast paced society she grew up in the Isle of Wight and travelled to the mainland to study Fashion at Edinburgh College of Art. Lu triumphed by winning the Ocean Terminal Scottish Fashion Graduate Award for her final University collection. Subsequently, success followed her with post graduation, where she sailed into a design assistant job with an innovator of the fashion world, German designer Bernhard Willhelm.

Returning from one fashion capital to another, Lu relocated to London in 2008 but says of the time that, “I still wasn’t committed to fashion, it wasn’t until I put myself down to show off some work at a friends gallery in the east end, that my career kick-started. I was then put down for the Ones to Watch show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout in 2009.” Here, she showcased ‘Innocent Merriment’ a collection full of British eccentricity with sculptural pieces that had a life of their own. Lu was awarded the Innovation award in conjunction with the Ethical Fashion Forum who celebrated her inventive designs, this led to an exhibition at the next three Estethica showcases. By September 2010 her collections were also being shown in Paris, Amsterdam & Tokyo.

This is Lu’s third season of working with Green Shoes, collaborating to make ethical hand made shoes. The velvet straps and mysterious buckles of her boots echo the colour scheme of the collection and have a fantastical essence. It would be easy to imagine one of Lewis Carroll’s characters dressed head to toe in any of Lu Flux’s collection. Similar to the way Carroll used fantasy, logic and word play to create literary nonsense, Lu has used fantasy, logic and wrought craftsmanship to make fashion nonsense, which has radiated through all of her collections.

A fashion film also accompanies the latest collection, directed by Neil O’Driscoll, the footage is based in a room covered with luxurious velvet and inhabited by fantastically dressed people, who appear to have become bored with each other’s company. Animation brings the cinematic experience to life with aquatic creatures representing the underwater feel of the clothes. SS11 collection, over the hills and far away, is currently stocked in New Zealand, Japan and several London based locations such as Wolf & Badger in Notting Hill and Labour of Love in Islington.